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Key Business Services and Qualifications

A happy administrator - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California. Owner Steve Baker - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California. A happy graduate - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.

The primary focus of EdVentures Consulting is to assist with the preparation of state approval and private accreditation applications, site visit preparation, special project, and developmental services for private postsecondary degree and non-degree granting (vocational) institutions, applicants, and potential applicants. I have worked with clients in over 15 states.  I have assisted clients from other countries, including England, Australia, Singapore, China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Israel and India.

Through compliance consulting and training services on a one-time basis or periodic consulting on a retainer basis, Edventures Consulting can help your school succeed.  Group consultations and speaking engagements are also available. 

Why not have an experienced and recent insider on your side?  From guidance in interpreting and applying state law and regulations and accreditation standards to coordinating development plans and proposals, Edventures Consulting is your cost-effective partner.

 EdVentures Consulting offers a range of services based on direct, extensive and current experience that include the following:

  • Assisting start-up, new and existing schools to develop and grow. 
  • Preparing all applications for new and existing schools and programs, for approval or accreditation purposes, including Changes of Ownership.
  • Interpreting and applying California state laws and regulations governing the private postsecondary sector.
  • Helping schools prepare for impending site visits.
  • Advice and consultation concerning state approval and private accreditation processes.
  • Advice and assistance with enforcement matters.
  • EdVentures Consulting has worked with hundreds of private postsecondary institutions, applicants, and potential entrants to the sector including corporations, owners, directors, officers and executive staff, instructors, other consultants, accrediting agencies, associations, states, and countries.

Statement of Qualifications & Brief Resume

With over 16 years of direct and recent experience, both as a state regulator and private consultant, I have gained an intimate knowledge of the laws, regulations and policies governing the private postsecondary degree and non-degree granting sector in the state with the largest and most diverse number of such institutions.  I have assisted clients in over 15 states, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Maryland and Virginia.  I have worked as a Senior Education Specialist for the Degree Program of the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) for many years.  During three extensive periods I was solely responsible for evaluating applications and assisting institutions with compliance.  I have earned the respect of my colleagues and clients for my breadth and depth of knowledge, reputation for expertise in the field, reliable information,  practical advice, and successful performance.

 Experience and Expertise:

  • I have assisted many start-up schools, new and existing schools with approvals, accreditations, and general development and operational issues.
  • I have worked extensively with hundreds of applicants and existing institutions throughout California, the United States, and around the world.  I have reviewed hundreds of applications for approval for new institutions and programs, and been responsible for the approval, as well as the rejection of a significant number of institutional and program applications.
  • I have been responsible for many complex and difficult cases, represented the Bureau in workshops and training panels, provided the Bureau with legislative and regulatory analyses, and formulated important memorandums of understanding.  I have been responsible for responding to thousands of inquiries from applicants, potential applicants, existing institutions, owners, board members, executive staff, instructors, students, consultants and representatives from other states and countries.
  • I have conducted numerous site visits of institutions, and I am very familiar with accreditation procedures and practices.
  • After realizing that a large and growing part of my time was devoted to consulting, I concentrated my efforts to secure useful and practical knowledge about the private postsecondary sector.  I developed an extensive network of colleagues and contacts. Though my state career was diverse and successful and remained promising, I decided to devote full-time attention to these endeavors in a second career in the private sector.
  • In addition, I have enjoyed a wide-ranging career with the State of California that includes program and administrative management; legislative and budgetary analysis.  I have been instrumental in taking the initiative to establish a private association and center at the University of California.  I have testified before legislative committees, and worked closely with legislative and legal staff.  I advise and consult on legislative matters.
  • I bring a wealth of additional private achievement and experience to my work. This has included class valedictorian; State of California debate champion; winner of the Stanford Invitational intercollegiate debate competition and fourth ranking in the United States; and several presidential and vice-presidential responsibilities in various community-based organizations throughout my career.  I earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from San Diego State University and attended McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific.
  • I have served as a regular member, investigative committee Chair (2009-2010) and Foreman of the El Dorado County Grand Jury (2010-2011).  This Grand Jury investigated and reported on civil matters in El Dorado County.

Contact EdVentures Consulting for your private postsecondary education consultant and working partner.  Direct and recent experience as a Senior Education Specialist in the Degree Program of the BPPVE.


Why I Offer These Services

As the Senior Education Specialist with the Degree Program of the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) for many years, I worked with hundreds of degree and non-degree granting institutions and applicants trying to find their way through the maze of law and regulations in California.  In addition, I learned a great deal from direct observation and participation with major accrediting agencies, and have worked extensively with such agencies on behalf of clients. 

The private postsecondary sector directly reflects the diversity that is California.  There is such a tremendous diversity of people, ethnicities, educational institutions and subject matter in this sector!  While a regulator, I thoroughly enjoyed working with institutions and applicants and increasingly identified with their occasional befuddlements and frustrations.  As a private consultant, I continue to work in a field that positively contributes to the vitality of the California and national economy, and the quality of its workforce.  To-date I have assisted clients in over 15 states and from many countries.

It became increasingly clear to me that there was a real need for experienced and knowledgeable consultation in the field.  It can be difficult to find the services of a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable consultant.  One has to be careful in their search! 

I am thankful for the experience I acquired as a regulator.  I am also gratified to know that EdVentures Consulting has enabled me to continue working with an amazingly diverse clientele in a very dynamic education and business sector. 

I rest my reputation on the testimony and references of many good people in California's large and growing private postsecondary sector as well as clients in over 15 states to-date.   I hope you will contact EdVentures Consulting for an experienced partner instead of going it alone.  I am pleased to respond to your inquiries.