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Key Consulting Services


  • For those exploring entrance into the sector or making a big change, assistance with knowing what's involved, and, if appropriate, getting underway.
  • Preparation of applications such as: new institutions; non-degree to degree-granting; new programs; changes of ownership (sales and purchases) or shifts in control; new branches or satellites; change of location; change of mission; re-approvals; and key advice on how to maintain approvals.
  • Helping applicants and institutions prepare curriculum for programs.
  • Helping schools prepare for anticipated and successful site visits.
  • Practical advice concerning school purchases and assistance with applications.
  • Governance and administration, job descriptions, management, organizational, procedural, and workload reviews.
  • Assessing compliance of existing programs and operations through various means including analysis and assessment, practice reviews or "dry runs" with key staff, or review of specific operations.
  • Training of selected, program, and institution-wide staff.
  • Coordinating and shaping development plans and proposals to satisfy the requirements of state law and regulations, and various private accreditation agencies.
  • Specific and needed research and special projects that may not be feasible with existing staff.
A vocational school - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.
A consultation - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.

Site Visits, Inspections, Evaluations and Expectations

EdVentures Consulting will prepare you for what the State of California and private accreditation agencies expect, as well as what you should expect from them.  It will assist you in other states (Clients in over 15 states to-date).  My experience and expertise will help you prepare for the type of site visit which both California and private accreditors periodically conduct.  These onsite inspections, evaluations and assessments determine your compliance with various requirements and the quality of educational services provided. These visits are critical for your institution, and can result in either continued or renewed approval or accreditation...or result in conditional approvals or even denial of your ability to operate.  Start with a free consultation (often by e-mail or phone) that acquaints you with the services provided and aligns your expectations with the realities of approval and accreditation processes.  These services are both affordable and incredibly advantageous for your institution.

Know What You Need Before You Need It

State of California laws and regulations governing the private postsecondary degree and non-degree granting business/education sectors can be exasperating and confusing even for seasoned institutions let alone initial and potential applicants.  State of California requirements are among the most rigorous and complicated in the United States.  Professional consultation services based on hard-earned knowledge, expertise and direct experience will save you considerable time and money.  This is critically important for your success. 

Do not be concerned that my expertise and experience only pertains to the State of California.  I have had clients in over 15 states to-date, adding two or three states per year on average.

Do you really want to go it alone?  Let EdVentures Consulting be your partner.  

Contact EdVentures Consulting for your private postsecondary education consultant needs.  Partner with a consultant who knows through direct and recent experience what's involved.