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Approval & Accreditation

In order to legally operate in California, state approval through the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) was required until July, 2007.  An applicant had to endure an extensive and sometimes rigorous application process before opening and operating.
As explained on the prior homepage, that situation has changed.  With the enactment of AB 48 state regulation of the private postsecondary education sector in California has returned.
Many states have a set of regulatory requirements before a new private postsecondary educational institution can open and operate.  Some states require full accreditation from a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agency before they will allow operation in their state.
Whether state regulation in a state is currently required or not, owners and operators of private postsecondary schools are WISE to lay the right foundation and build the right framework for their school in order to attract students, grow the institution, and be eligible to seek and obtain private accreditation. 
Separate and subsequent application processes are required to become an accredited institution.  Some of those accrediting agencies with links on the homepage constitute the largest and oldest accrediting agencies.  But there are many recognized accrediting agencies, some regional, others national, still others more specific and programmatic.
If you are interested in opening a private postsecondary degree-granting or vocational/non-degree granting institution, making changes to an existing institution, considering a purchase or change of ownership, obtaining private accreditation, or have particular operational or management challenges, I can help you with practical assistance gained from extensive and direct experience.
If you are preparing for a site visit, need assistance with curriculum development, or simply need expert advice and assistance in a host of other service areas described on this website, you will appreciate the knowledge and extensive direct experience provided by EdVentures Consulting. 

Graduates - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.

Private accreditation provides your institution with the kind of recognition and reputation that enhances prospects for future growth and development.  Note that state approval is required prior to accreditation.

Benefits of private accreditation include:

  • Certifies to the Public that Standards of Quality are Met
  • Facilitates Eligibility to Participation in Title IV Student Financial Aid Programs
  • Testifies to Integrity, Credibility, and Trustworthiness
  • Worldwide, National, Regional, and State Recognition
  • Fosters Improvement
  • Promotes Visibility and Acceptance
Cost-Effective Educational Consulting

Consultation does not have to be costly.  It simply needs to be affordable and cost-effective.  It should offer the practical and knowledgeable experience and expertise provided by EdVentures Consulting. 

Over the years I have consulted with hundreds of degree and non-degree institutions and applicants.  I know what's involved because I have direct and recent experience in receiving, reviewing, and granting approvals as well as denying applications.  I am intimately familiar with accreditation standards and criteria.  I have acquired considerable expertise in working with and through all requirements...from the perspective of the regulator as well as the applicant.

Fees are purposefully structured to be flexible and responsive to needs.  There are certain application package fees, but there are also hourly, special project, and "retainer" fee options.

Contact EdVentures Consulting for private postsecondary degree-granting and vocational education approval, accreditation, and developmental services.
  Partner with a consultant who knows through direct experience what's involved.