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Special Notice for California Degree Granting Schools and Applicants

Effective January 1, 2015 all degree granting schools and applicants have to prepare and present a plan by July 1, 2015 to become accredited.  Pre-accreditation or candidacy status by July 1, 2017, and full accreditation by July 1, 2020 is now required.  Contact EdVentures Consulting for cost-effective assistance in meeting this requirement.  Remember, an accreditation plan is required to be presented by July 1, 2015.  Failure to meet this requirement may easily result in automatic suspension. 

Call (916) 941-6194 or email Edventurr@comcast.net.  You will be glad you did!

Your Success Is My Business!

Just call (916) 941-6194 or email Edventurr@comcast.net

Opening and operating a private postsecondary school in California or elsewhere is a formidable challenge, and EdVentures Consulting is here to help.  Whether you are thinking about starting a new school, have made the decision to establish a new school, already have a school for which you want to make changes, need approvals or seek private accreditation, EdVentures is here to help. 

It is important to realize that a private postsecondary school needs to lay the right foundation and build the right framework to develop and succeed.  You DO NOT want to jump backward through hoops just to be ready for a required approval or to seek and obtain accreditation.  Years can literally be lost without the proper foundation and framework.

As a former state regulator working with the largest private postsecondary education sector in the United States, and now as a private consultant with a wide range of clients in California, throughout the United States, and indeed around the world, I am in an excellent position to provide practical and knowledgeable advice and guidance.  I may have truly seen it all. 

No jobs are too small.  There are no stupid questions!

Please understand that I work with a full spectrum of people, all the way from those with an idea or a dream, to those seeking to implement their plans, to those already established but seeking to grow their schools or make other significant changes. 

I regularly work with clients to help them properly start and develop their schools in California as well as other states.  My work extends to business plan reviews, consulting on the proper structure and operations for a school, any necessary approvals, private accreditations, and general business and management consulting.  I assist school owners and non-profits who may wish to sell their institutions, as well as those groups of investors or existing schools who may wish to purchase a school. I am well connected and networked within the sector. 

If you have a legal proceeding and need an expert in this field, please know that I also provide expert witness services.

As the former Senior Education Specialist with the Degree Program of the State of California regulating agency for the private postsecondary sector for many years, I worked with hundreds of degree and non-degree granting institutions and applicants trying to find their way through the maze of California law and regulations, both regarding the former BPPVE and new BPPE.  

It is important to know that these laws and regulations were modeled on private accreditation standards and criteria, so there is a huge carry-over to accreditation processes. 

As a former regulator, current private consultant, and former legislative analyst and management consultant, I am uniquely qualified and well-positioned to provide key consultations for start-ups, approvals, business operations, and accreditations.   

My fees are very reasonable, and include a personal delivery of any application for any state agency as well as assistance with any necessary responses to the review of a submitted application.  Based on the best information available to me, my fees are actually lower than the few other consultants doing business in this sector in California.  Reasonable fees range from hourly and special project based, to application packages and various retainer options. 

A word to the wise: I do NOT prepare and submit previously used boilerplate applications as some consultants are known to do.  That practice is unfair to ALL involved and quickly serves to discredit the applicant.  Regulators and accrediting agencies view it as a fraudulent practice.  It may seem like the easy way out, but it typically results in many unnecessary complications and delays, and often (and increasingly) leads directly to a lack of approval or accreditation. 


Private Postsecondary Education Consultant Services:

  • Application Preparation for any State Approval and Private Accreditation such as WASC, ACICS, ACCSC, DEAC, and others
  • SER (Self Evaluation Reports) Assistance for Accreditation Applications
  • Initial Readiness Assessments for Accreditation
  • Accrediting Agency Best Choice Assistance 
  • Non-Degree to Degree-Granting
  • New Schools and Programs
  • Existing Schools and Program Changes
  • School Purchases and Sales Assistance
  • Due Diligence Evaluations for Potential School Purchases
  • Endowment Funding 
  • Preparation for Site Visits
  • Changes of Ownership and Shifts in Control
  • Management and Operations Consulting 
  • Help with Setting Appropriate Semester and Quarter Unit Values
  • Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Business Plan Assistance and Reviews
  • Hiring Assistance
  • Completion and Placement Help

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Title 38 and Veterans Education Benefits 
  • Curriculum Development Services
  • Key Documents Advice for Enrollment Agreements, Catalogs, etc.
  • Planning for Future Growth
  • Reorganization Strategies
  • Strategic Advice
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Training About Compliance Requirements
  • Assistance with Enforcement Issues
  • Special Projects/Research
  • Student Exchange and Visitors Program (SEVP), I-17's and I-20's
  • Faculty Agreement Issues
  • Faculty and Student Handbooks
  • WIA and ETP Panels
  • Completion and Placement Issues
  • Legislative Assistance
  • Feasibility Assessments for Start-Ups
  • Organization and Procedures Consulting
  • Recruitment Strategies 
  • California and Other States
  • Foreign/International Clients Welcome 

Sample Testimonials

"Steve was our biggest asset in achieving regulatory approval – without a doubt.  He is the consummate consultant.  Steve knows what it takes to achieve regulatory compliance, and also understands and is able to explain what type of alternative thoughts regulators might have about your submissions.  That type of advice and consulting is invaluable.  Further, he knows and understands the intricacies of how subsequent levels of approval and accreditation may apply, or affect, your current submissions.  Our entire team at Aristotle University worked closely with Steve – and in every step of the process we were glad “Steve is on our side!”  We have continued to seek his advice and counsel – he has become an integral part of our regulatory thinking, strategic planning, and success.  We simply don't make any regulatory or strategic move without first "running it by Steve" - then we can sleep at night!!"

President, Aristotle University
Dean and Professor of Law, Aristotle University College of Law

United States Fulbright Scholar in Law
American College of Legal Medicine



"I am happy to recommend Steve Baker and his services as an Educational Consultant in California and beyond.  During the period I worked with Steve, his  professionalism and level-headed approach was consistent throughout the whole process despite the challenges we ran into along the way.  I would happily recommend him to other institutions seeking approvals.  I feel that the quality he brings to his own work translates through into high quality, uncompromising programs for students throughout the state. Go Steve!" 


Peter Dyson, Director

The Recording Arts Center at Studio West


"I strongly recommend Steve Baker as your consultant regarding private postsecondary higher education in California or throughout the United States.  He was extremely helpful and successful in helping us to obtain the required approval to operate as a degree granting institution in California.  His work ethic and integrity are outstanding and hard to find these days. He always has delivered on time and has helped us to meet deadlines.  His advice on different higher education issues has been invaluable and enabled us to stay on course and avoid costly mistakes.  It is a pleasure to work with him!"

Cecilia Breinbauer. MD, MPH Managing Director, ICDL Graduate School www.icdl.com/GraduateSchool. 

A vocational class - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.
A diploma - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.
A parochial school - Contact us for vocational, post secondary, and private school accreditation and a skilled educational consultant formerly with the PPVE. Located in El Dorado Hills, California.

All It Takes is an Email or a Call

Send an email or give me a call.  Let's discuss your situation.  You may already know what you need.  Or you may need to talk it through.

Aside from knowing that I have the expertise and experience you need, please know a few key things about me that you will appreciate: 1) I am easy to work with, and 2) I am very practical. 

If I can help you, I will tell you how.  If I cannot help you, I will let you know that too. 

Send an email inquiry to Edventurr@comcast.net or call (916) 941-6194.  

If you call from a private number, please clearly state your return phone number.  If you are attempting to contact me from outside the United States, please extend the courtesy of contacting me by email. 

You may also send an email by going to the final "Contact Us" page (page 5) of this website.  Thank You!


Contact  Edventures Consulting for your private postsecondary degree and non-degree granting consultant.  Recent and direct experience as a California state regulator.
Primary Service Area:
California, but also all other states. 
Helpful Links:
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education www.bppe.ca.gov 
United States Department of Education www.ed.gov
United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (Dept. of Homeland Security) www.uscis.gov
Council for Higher Education Accreditation www.chea.org
Western Association of Schools and Colleges www.wascweb.org
Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools www.acics.org
Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges www.accsc.org
California Committee of Bar Examiners www.calbar.org
Distance Education Training Council www.detc.org
American Council on Education www.acenet.edu
Chronicle of Higher Education www.chronicle.com